Founded in the early 1990’s by designer Lily Del Cueto in Miami, Florida, Olian Maternity has been fulfilling the fashion needs of beautiful mothers-to-be around the world. Since its inception, Olian Maternity has been challenging the fashion consciousness of the maternity industry and many of its outdated designs. As a mother of three, continuously questioned why a woman, in her most beautiful period of life, had to relinquish her sense of style to endure fashion oblivion. As a result, Olian customers enjoy designs of the highest quality and fit from an extensive line of hundreds of beautifully created maternity pieces. This line, created by Lily with a team of highly experienced designers, compliments the ever-changing and literally expanding needs of the fashion-forward, mom-to-be. Olian Maternity is able to offer mothers a comfortable, functional, and easily matched collection that adheres to the challenges of everyday life. Since its inception, Olian has taken the pregnancy market by storm, with its designs and collections being sold all over specialty boutiques throughout the US and abroad.


A family-run European clothing company established in 2002.

It started with a tiny boutique filling the gap in the market for fashionable and comfortable maternity clothing.

The founder’s mission is to create impeccable quality, yet affordable collection for everyone.

In order to ensure this, she carefully selects the best available European fabrics personally, and her beautiful designs are brought to life by experienced tailors.

Since then it has become a success story, with several outlets across countries.

Collections in each season consist of limited pieces, influenced by the latest trends.


8 years ago, Sian, Tanya, Kathy and Jill – 3 from UK and one from sunny California – created a very new kind of skincare range.

Our Mama Mio range was originally created through true selfish needs – when we had our children there simply wasn’t anything out there to help us with the huge challenge of pregnancy. So, as true entrepreneurs in the beauty world, we created the first premium pregnancy skincare range.

Our goal was simple – create an entire range of clean, safe skincare that would elasticise, calm, nourish and protect your skin whilst ensuring every product felt and smelled amazing so your skincare ritual became a wonderfully memorable time, skincare that really celebrated you and helped you feel confident and happy in your rapidly-changing skin.

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